Solar Buddies

Help us to help the people of our country in need.


The world we live in has an endless supply of energy, the sun, and yet around 1.6 billion people
around the world still lack access to electricity (as stated in the UN report of 2010
Click Here for Full Article).  In context to Bangladesh, according to the EIU Country Profile, 65% of
households in the country have no electricity.

The excessive consumption of oil and gas is causing a drastic decrease in the supply of these
already overtaxed and finite fossil fuels; additionally causing a tremendous negative impact on
the Earth’s natural environment.

We have the technology to harness the energy of the sun, nonetheless, we refuse to embrace
and adapt to this clean and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Being witness to such a conflicting phenomenon, we are trying to undertake a desperate endeavour, through the assistance of our newly formed NGO, “Solar Buddies”, to raise enough funds to help illuminate fifty homes in rural Bangladesh. We are trying to target the areas which are subject to continuous and unbearable load shedding and homes which are currently situated off the grid. To organise and manage this small yet significant project, we have assembled a team of three
undergraduate university students:
Sithum Fernando, 3rd year Law, University of Manchester, UK
Rasheed Ahmed, 2nd year Economics and International Studies, Simon Fraser University, Canada
Nirjhor Barua, 2nd year Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK

We are all very passionate about this cause and are trying to take the step forward to make
even the slightest difference in Bangladesh by helping to illuminate the lives of as many people
as we can.

Please check the ‘About us’ page for more insight into who we are.


To help move our project forward, we will be working in conjunction with ‘Solar Pac’, a solar product distributor in Bangladesh. Our goal is to circulate solar lanterns to fifty homes in the surrounding villages around Kushtia and Natore. Please click Locations for more information about Kushtia and Natore, the two areas of Bangladesh we hope to work in, and to learn why we chose these areas.

Alongside distributing solar lanterns to families in desperate need of light, we will also be educating the public of the numerous advantages of switching to and utilizing solar power. According to our mindset, if we can educate and inform these households and small businesses in rural Bangladesh about the advantages of solar energy, both to the environment and to their budgets (using solar power does not entail any electricity bills), they will have a better understanding and a clearer drive to give this new technology a try.

The Product we have Chosen

Solar Hurricane 
This is a solar powered LED hurricane lantern which includes 1 piece amorphous solar module on top with built-in 3.6V/600mah rechargeable battery and 7pcs super bright LED light. The solar module transforms sun light into DC electricity, and recharges the battery. It needs to charge for 6 to 8 hours under sun light for 4 - 6 hours operation.

The affordable aspect of this product, and the mobility it offers made it the perfect choice for distribution in Rural Bangladesh.


This is where we need your help. We hope to distribute 100 solar lanterns, amongst 50 homes in rural Bangladesh. The quoted price by Solar Pac is TK 750 per lantern, but they have agreed to deduct 15% from total sales, since we are an NGO. The 15% saved, will be collected and used for distribution and miscellaneous costs such as transport and printing etc. approximate cost of this project is TK 75000. We can only accomplish this ambitious project and extend our help, if anyone interested could kindly help us, by making any donations they can. If we collect less than our target, that means the total number of homes we can help will decrease subsequently. If we manage to collect surplus of TK 75000, we will be able to buy more lanterns, and distribute light to even more people.

Please use the Donation Collection Form on the Local Donations page for local contributions, and we will contact you to arrange for collection of the donation. For anyone willing to contribute from abroad, please fill out the Bank Detail Request Form on the International Donations page. Alternatively, our contact details are given below, please feel free to contact us, with any donations or questions you may have. Any contributions, big or small, you can make towards this project, will be greatly appreciated.

Contact Details :

Sithum Fernando : 01730313160  ~ Currently overseas, so will be unavailable on this number till the 10th of August. []
Rasheed Ahmed : 01731888291
Nirjhor Barua       :  01712981419

email :

Any donations, big or small, that could be contributed to our cause will be highly welcomed. We intend to help these people in need, so please help us to help improve their lives in need. We hope this inspires you to join our cause.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
The ‘Solar Buddies’ team.